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Don't Freak Out! An Anxiety Podcast with Allison Micco

Aug 3, 2017

Welcome to Episode 22! This episode features writer, podcast host and nutritional therapist Jolene Park. Jolene helps individuals overcome anxiety and rebuild their health with real food, high-quality nutrients and cutting-edge mind/body techniques. Jolene is a functional nutritionist, health coach and trauma informed yoga teacher. She is also the co-host of “Edit Podcast: Editing Our Drinking & Our Lives.”

In 2001 she founded  Healthy Discoveries — a corporate wellness training company. She works with purpose driven companies who strive to create a positive impact on their employees and business. She also coaches business professionals and healthcare providers who are at risk for compassion fatigue, burnout and gray area drinking.
Jolene’s interest in a comprehensive approach to recovery began when she stopped using alcohol as a way to self-medicate her own anxiety. Jolene shares empowering tools for living an alcohol-free life. Her specialty is in depleted neurotransmitter and nutrient support, fight-flight-freeze stress responses, neuroplasticity tools, emotional resiliency techniques, habit change and mindfulness. 

Here are my favorite gems from this weeks episode:

  • You don't need to have create disasters to have a problem with drinking. You can take an "early exit" from the path of alcohol to create a better life
  • Stable blood sugar is a major key in creating a healthy stress response
  • Proteins & Fats feed the brain and are essential for helping eliminate depression, cravings, mood issues, and symptoms of anxiety
  • Somatic therapy gives us the tools to regulate our nervous system
  • Grounding, centering and orienting will help us to release stress and link into the moment
  • What the polyvagal nerve is and how we can stimulate it


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